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Winnipeg Restaurant Reviews

BMC TAQUERIA by Shel Zolkewich 

1113 Henderson Highway Winnipeg MB 

The Vibe

For the last half a dozen years or so, BMC Market has been serving up cheap and cheerful tacos out of a bright blue building at 722 Osborne Street in the city’s southern reaches. Well North Enders, it’s time to rejoice. The owners have just opened a second location at 1113 Henderson Highway—this one called BMC Taqueria. The Osborne Street location boasts colourful chairs and tables along with stunning panoramic photographs by local shooter Thomas Fricke. The Henderson restaurant is a little less adorned, but it’s also brand new, so the décor might be added down the road.

What You Should Order

The house special is three tacos for $5. The owners have held that price for years, amid rising food and labour costs. It’s shocking really, since most devotees of this restaurant would easily pay double that for a plate of authenticity. And that’s really what’s it’s all about here. Walk into either location, and you’re transported to the streets of old Mexico as the smells of freshly-made corn tortillas and charcoal grilled beef waft over you.

The three-taco deal offers a choice of al pastor (marinated, spicy pork, pineapple and onion), tinga (chicken, onion and cabbage), rajas (peppers, mushroom and cream) or chorizo (spicy sausage). The later is my favourite. You can mix and match or buy a single taco for $1.99. You’ll be asked if you’d like onion and cilantro on your taco and you should say yes. And for goodness sake, please don’t ask for shredded cheddar and sour cream. You’ll also get your choice of salsa—mild, medium, green or hot. I’m a fan of the green.

There’s also a premium three-taco deal ($6.99) featuring fillings that are a little more complex and take longer to prepare. There’s barbacoa (braised beef, guajillo chili sauce) and carnitas (slow roasted pulled pork). You can also pick up one of these for $2.49. All the tacos are also offered as quesadillas (three for $7.99, $2.98 each) and come with a side of either potato or carrot salad.

To round out your meal, add a couple of sides including guacamole (listed on the menu as avocado dip), pico de gallo (salsa), potato or carrot salad and a soup (tortilla or pozole). Wash it all down with your favourite flavour of Jarritos soft drink or an icy cerveza (only at the Osborne location for now).

Out of Pocket

It’s incredibly difficult to drop a wad of cash at BMC. Dinner for two will set you back less than $40, including a couple of beers and dessert (there’s flan!). I popped in for lunch at the Henderson location the other day, ordered a taco, pico de gallo with chips, tortilla soup, flan and a Jarritos got $2 change from my $20 bill. And no, I did not eat it all in one sitting.

What I Love

Not since the much-loved El Torrito food truck has Mexican food in Winnipeg come this close to tasting just like it does in Mexico. For sunseekers who have spent any time in that country—and fallen in love with the food—a visit will stir up memories and have you checking online sites for a return visit. I love that it’s never a big deal to go to BMC. It’s fast, casual and delicious every time. Craving an authentic taco? Need some guac? Dying for a grapefruit Jarritos? Head to BMC.

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